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Doctor's Appointment
Women's Health

Regular assessments are important for women’s health. Cervical cancer and precancerous changes of the cervix are common problems that should be assessed and treated early.

Doctor Using Digital Tablet
Men's Health

Consultations are conducted in a confidential and private consulting room and may cover health screening, prostate checks, blood screening, blood pressure checks and sexual health checks.

Holding Hands
Aged Care

Geriatric medicine is the specialised approach to providing primary healthcare to  elderly individuals. There are several factors, which highlight the need for a multidisciplinary approach to managing the health issues that typically increase with age.

Dermatology Consultation
Skin Cancer Clinic

Having your skin checked regularly is the first step towards peace of mind for most of our patients. At Batavia Health we recommend having a yearly skin check with your GP who will check specific lesions with a Dermatascope.

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