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Aged Care

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Advances in medicine and technology have increased the average life expectancy of the general population. As a result, about a quarter of the population are now 65 years of age or older.

Geriatric medicine is the specialised approach to providing primary healthcare to  elderly individuals. There are several factors, which highlight the need for a multidisciplinary approach to managing the health issues that typically increase with age.

At Batavia Health we can help in the management of chronic diseases and functional problems including:

  • Aged Care Health Assessments

  • Chronic Disease Health Care Plans

  • Heart Checks

  • Vascular Assessments (Doppler Study)

  • Home Safety

  • Annual Check Ups & Flu Vax

  • Arthritis/Osteoporosis Care

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Aged Care Health Assessments

Annual health checks are recommended. These assessments comprise a physical, mental and functional evaluation and relate to normal daily activities.

Assessment and identification of any depression or memory impairment is also part of a regular Aged Care health assessment.


Chronic Disease Health Care Plans

A care plan will be recommended where a patient presents with a chronic medical condition.That is a medical condition that has persisted for at least 6 months.

Our doctors would review your history and devise an individualised plan for managing the treatment of your problem to optimise your outcome and to improve your quality of life.


Heart Checks

Heart disease is common in middle aged and elderly patients, at Batavia Health we encourage heart checks as part of your health management.

You may not be aware you have risk factors of heart disease early enough. Often there are no symptoms, so it is  important to get your doctor to check your risks frequently, to ensure your heart is healthy.


Vascular Assessments

Older patients are advised to have regular assessments for vascular disease. Where a condition exists our doctors can guide your through your various management options.

The assessment is designed to help understand the presenting problem, but also detailed enough to understand the full health situation.


Home Safety

Home safety for the elderly can be managed, below are some recommendations.



Annual Check Ups and Flu Vaccination

As part of your general health we recommend annual visits for general checks. We also strongly recommending annual check ups


Arthritis/Osteoporosis Care

Arthritis is a debilitating chronic condition that is very common in elderly patients. At Batavia Health we are here to help with advice, treatment and/or referrals to trained professionals.

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