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Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is when a man cannot obtain or maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.

What are the Causes of ED

As men age there are many contributing health conditions that may give rise to a reduced erectile function. Some common conditions include:

  • Heart disease

  • Clogged blood vessels (atherosclerosis)

  • High cholesterol and/or blood pressure

  • Diabetes and Obesity

  • Certain prescription medications

  • Tobacco, alcohol or other forms of substance abuse

  • Poor sleep and stress

  • Prostate cancer or enlarged prostate BPH

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

After first being assessed for any underlying physical and psychological conditions, there are a number of treatment options.

Subject to pre-existing conditions and medications, common and effective treatments can include:

  • Devices like pumps

  • Medications including pills and injections,

  • Surgery

Our doctor can assess and discuss your specific options.

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